Winter Curb Appeal-Staging

You may already be aware that buying a home in the winter months is the most recommendable time, as there is less competition from buyers and there is usually a greater need to sell, if a home is on the market in these months. You may find yourself in a likewise situation. Today, Colorado Professional Title, LLC would like to provide you with some tips on how to further stage your home during the winter months. We’ve already talked about how to increase the curb appeal of your property, however in the winter, there are a few more things you might wish to consider.

Remember that snow is a great concealer of possible damage to a home. So you should take pictures of your home prior to the first big snowfall, which you can then provide for potential buyers.

You’ll also want to consider avoiding large banks of snow on your roof. This could not only cause damage to your roof-remember snow is heavy-it could also cause damage if it were to fall on whatever is below it.

Remember that if you are seeing icicles hanging from eaves or gutters, though they look beautiful, they could indicate a drainage problem. You’ll want to check that your gutters are not full.

Make sure that your driveway and steps are clear of snow, so that potential buyers feel invited and safe. You certainly don’t want anyone falling when coming to view your home, or just stopping by for a visit.

Something potential buyers may be looking for is that your outside appliances and faucets are covered during the winter months. If your air conditioner is obviously not being used, and your outdoor faucets are not either, they should be protected with insulated covering. Not only does this help protect your investments, but it says to potential buyers that your home is taken care of well.

Finally, remember the importance of a title search and title insurance to protect your investment in a new property. For title insurance in Highlands Ranch, call the professionals, (303) 268-4278.