Tips for Conducting a Smart Home Appraisal

What to Look for When Appraising a Property

A home appraisal is one of the most important aspects of the home buying process as it dictates you offering price and opens up negotiations. In this post, Colorado Professionals Title has some tips to get the most out of your appraisal.

What’s the History of the Property?

Home with magnifying glass

This check is often looked over or is taken at face value, neither of which help give you a better idea of your appraisal price. Set aside some extra time and find out detailed information about the history of the property, including whether it was involved in any illegal activities or you find that your favorite celebrity used to own it, these affect your assessment.

Cleanliness of the Property

You may think that the general cleanliness of a property isn’t too important because you will give it a good clean before you move in, but if the owner doesn’t maintain regular and easy upkeep of the property, it can give you insight into what level of major upkeep the property has seen.

Take a Look Around

When you move, you don’t just move home, you move your neighborhood. Take some time to look around your new area and see what amenities it has to offer. Is there a great school nearby, or is the swimming pool too far away? Think about how your life would fit and use this as a basis for the amount you feel comfortable offering.

Title Insurance in Highlands Ranch

When deciding your offer price, take into consideration any outstanding claims that may be held against the home. Once you have arrived at your figure, speak with Colorado Professionals Title at (303) 268-4278 about obtaining title insurance in Highlands Ranch to protect you from any financial responsibilities raised after you and your family have moved in.