Buying a home is probably the biggest financial investment you will ever make and the largest asset you will ever own. Such important investments need to be protected, and title insurance does that. Home insurance will protect your home from events in the future, but title insurance protects your investment from mistakes in the past. […]

Yet More Real Estate Terms to Know As you approach settlement, you may come across some of these closing terms. Here are their definitions. Owner’s Policy For a one-time fee, an owner’s policy protects homeowners from errors, omissions, or other problems that did not arise during the title search. The policy lasts for as long […]

More Real Estate Settlement Terms to Know These are a few more real estate terms you should know before going to closing. Escrow A process where a third party holds a deed, moneys paid, and transaction documents until certain contingencies are met. The escrow agreement details what conditions must be satisfied before disbursing the money […]

Real Estate Terms It Helps to Know These are a few real estate terms that you may want to understand when it comes time for closing. Adverse Possession The technical term for squatting, or occupying a property without the owner’s consent. Title of the land could vest in the squatter after a certain number of […]

Make Smart Decisions When Buying Your Home With all the excitement and emotion of buying your first home, it can be easy to forget the important, yet often overlooked points of the home buying process. In this post, Colorado Professionals Title is here to help you out with some of the most common buying mistakes, […]

Understanding the Kick-Out Clause in Contingency Contracts A contingency contract is one that two parties agree to perform an action contingent on another event. In the case of home sales, they are common when the buyer needs to sell their previous home to have the money to purchase the new property. Here is how such […]

It’s no secret that to become a homeowner, you need to undergo an overwhelming and sometimes stressful process. However, if you want to go through it successfully and in a safe manner, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that you’re making the right decision. Title searches, for instance, can help you […]

Whether you’re planning on buying or selling a property, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with your state’s disclosure law so as to avoid any problems in the future. Today, Colorado Professionals Title in Highlands Ranch would like to offer some guidance regarding disclosure law in Colorado. What information must sellers disclose? Sellers are required […]

The more you know, the better the decision you’ll make and this is especially true when dealing with real estate! Buying a house can be a long, complicated process that requires a pretty big commitment on your part, which is why you should be well-informed about everything related to the property you’re interested in. If […]