Yet More Real Estate Terms to Know As you approach settlement, you may come across some of these closing terms. Here are their definitions. Owner’s Policy For a one-time fee, an owner’s policy protects homeowners from errors, omissions, or other problems that did not arise during the title search. The policy lasts for as long […]

More Real Estate Settlement Terms to Know These are a few more real estate terms you should know before going to closing. Escrow A process where a third party holds a deed, moneys paid, and transaction documents until certain contingencies are met. The escrow agreement details what conditions must be satisfied before disbursing the money […]

Real Estate Terms It Helps to Know These are a few real estate terms that you may want to understand when it comes time for closing. Adverse Possession The technical term for squatting, or occupying a property without the owner’s consent. Title of the land could vest in the squatter after a certain number of […]