How to Remove Common Household Odors

As a home seller you are responsible for performing certain chores that will make your home stand out in the housing market.

However lingering odors are a small detail that can not only distract potential buyers but can also lead them to think there is something wrong with your property. That’s why at Colorado Professionals Title in Highlands Ranch, we would like to share useful advice on removing some of the most common household odors.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

Cooking smells can be very pungent and will create an unpleasant setting in your home, so be sure to simmer orange peels after cooking. Remember to wash your stove and remove any grease buildup. Also, wash your refrigerator and discard any moldy foods and don’t forget to take out your garbage every day.

The Rooms

Change your bedding and open the doors and windows to improve the ventilation in the room. Remember to vacuum and remove your clutter, as it collects dust. Consider painting the room to freshen it and pay extra attention to your closet; remove the clothes you no longer use and organize your items in plastic containers.

Don’t Forget about Your Pets

If you are a pet owner, you should be extra careful as your companion animal may account for many odors in your home. Remember to bathe and groom them regularly to reduce the amount of loose hair. It’s also recommended that you take your pet to a friend’s house while you show your property, and look out for any untreated pet stains on your carpet.

Although you may be used to the lingering smells in your home, you should include these ideas during your cleaning chores to ensure a perfect sell. Keep in mind that there are certain odors that could be a sign of pests living in your home, so be sure to read our guide to spot pests and rodents in your property and address this problem promptly.

Title Insurance in Highlands Ranch

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