Maximize Curb Appeal by Working on Your Home’s Exterior

Easy Home Exterior Maintenance Tips to Make Your Home More Appealing

Selling a property can be a very stressful process, particularly if you need to make a quick sale in order to move forward with another purchase. When looking to sell a property, we often focus a great deal on making the interior look like a home furnishing magazine advert. However, the first thing that any potential buyer will see when they arrive at the property is the exterior. If this is not well kept, it can create a bad first impression that could affect whether or not they decide to make an offer. In this month’s blog, Colorado Professionals Title, LLC have put together some of their top tips for maximizing curb appeal through updates to your home’s exterior.

Roof and Gutter

Homeowners often neglect the roof of their properties, even though they are essential for protection, privacy, and safety. If your roof has loose, cracked tiles, or has mildew all over it, this does not create a very positive first impression for buyers. Get out your ladder and get up on the roof to check its appearance. If necessary, replace any tiles that are damaged. It is also useful to give everything a good clean while you are up there. Hose down all surfaces, remove dead leaves and debris from drains and guttering and repair any loose or broken pipes. Whenever you are looking to buy or sell a property, it is important to protect yourself against any issues with its title. Colorado Professionals Title, LLC are your local experts in the field of title insurance. Call today at (303) 268-4278 to discuss the benefits of title insurance in Lone Tree.

Front Garden / Patio

The area directly outside the front of your property has a great impact on the first impression that it creates. If you are lucky enough to have an area of garden or lawn, make the most of this feature by keeping the grass neat and planting bright, eye-catching flowers. Trees can be a great way to increase the curb appeal of your property, but not if their branches are out of control, and they block out all the sunshine. Show some tender loving care to this garden area, and see the benefit in buyer’s reactions.

Wooden Features

Many properties have a number of exterior wooden features, such as picket fences, decking, and window shutters. If treated carefully, these can add value to your property as they are considered ‘period’ features. However, if left with chipped and peeling paintwork or damage to the wood itself, they can quickly become an eyesore. You can improve the appearance of these features easily with just a few pieces of equipment and a little elbow grease. To freshen up wooden features, begin by sanding away old, flaky paint. Once you have done this, it is advisable to prime the wood with a protective varnish, available from your local hardware store. Once this is dry, you can repaint the surfaces using a durable, oil-based, outdoor paint. Pay attention to the colors that you choose. Pastels, such as light blue or yellow give a great, vintage touch to your property’s exterior. Strong colors such as red or black may be off-putting to some potential buyers.


There is nothing like the feeling of coming home after a long day at work or a long trip, opening the door, and taking the first step back inside your home. The doorway can be a source of nostalgia and comfort, so it’s important to make sure that it is looking its best for potential buyers. If your front door is wooden, you should sand and re-paint it in the same way as you would with other wooden features. Doors with glass windows are particularly popular at the moment, so to really make an impact, you could consider replacing your current door with one of this style. Hanging planters around the doorway not only looks inviting but provides a delightful fragrance to welcome visitors into your home. You can purchase these for just a few dollars at your local garden center.

Title Insurance in Lone Tree Can Protect Your Investment

Title insurance is an important safeguard for any home-owner. It provides protection against historical errors with the Title that can arise for many reasons – human error, fraud, inheritance issues, etc. Remember! This essential protection can only be purchase before closing. Colorado Professionals Title LLC can offer you the best title insurance rates for their professional services. Call today at (303) 268-4278 for more information.