Home Buying Mistakes

If you are done dealing with landlords and paying for something you will never own, perhaps it’s time to consider buying a house. However, this decision involves a long term financial commitment, plus there are many other details that must be carefully evaluated. For this reason at Colorado Professionals Title in Highlands Ranch, we would like to tell you about some of the most common home buying mistakes.


Calculate your monthly expenses and compare them with your income, that way you will find out the type of property you can afford. To avoid paying for a mortgage insurance, your down payment should represent at least 20% of the property value, which will represent a big part of your savings.

Added Costs

You should also consider in your budget some expenses that are often neglected; estate taxes, home insurance, moving, appraisal and other fees are some extra cost you have to be prepared to cover.

Home Inspection

It’s difficult to find a problem in the electrical wiring, foundation or roof by yourself, so hire a professional home inspector to take a closer look to your prospective property. Keep in mind that an extensive damage can represent time and money that you can save by conducting a thorough inspection.

Becoming a homeowner is a great investment that offers many benefits in the long term, just consider these ideas so you can make a more informed decision. Also, don’t forget to read this previous post containing a few signs that you are prepared to buy a home.

This important decision also requires having highly qualified professionals by your side. Remember that you can always rely on Colorado Professionals Title, where you will find the experience and assistance for a successful closing. Think about us next time you are looking for title insurance in Highlands Ranch.
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