Home Buying Blunders

Deciding to buy a house is a huge decision. You need to be absolutely ready to go through the whole process and accept all of the responsibility that comes with it. If you’re thinking about purchasing real estate, Colorado Professionals Title in Highlands Ranch, Colorado would like to give you some information about when you should NOT buy a home.

If Your Finances Are Not in Order

This goes without saying, but if you don’t have the money to put a down payment on a house or able to keep up a monthly mortgage, don’t buy one! Check your finances first. This includes your income, credit score, job security, the state of the market and your expenses.

If You Plan on Moving

Purchasing a home is a big commitment (financial and otherwise.) If you’re not planning on staying put for the next few years, you may not want to buy. Even if you plan to rent the home immediately and then move, it’s never a sure thing. You would still have to be in the area to manage your rental or you would need money to pay a manager.

If You Don’t Like the Neighborhood

If you love the house, but hate the neighborhood, walk away! Not just the house, but the area in which the house stands is extremely important when choosing a property.

If the House Needs Major Repair

If the house you’re planning on buying is in bad shape, think it over. Find out what the repair expenses will cost you and compare it to a home that would be in better condition.

If it Doesn’t Feel Right

Do you feel you’re being pressured? Are the seller’s references not clear? If you feel that something isn’t quite right, you should follow your instincts and get out of a potentially damaging situation.

For Title Insurance in Highlands Ranch

Even with all these warnings and you are 100% certain you want to buy property, make sure you get title insurance! Here at Colorado Professionals Title, we’ll provide the information, guidance and coverage you need regarding a property’s deed. Call (303) 268-4278 to learn more about how we can assist you!