How to Do a Final Walkthrough

If you’re in the first stages of home buying, still looking for a place to call your own, then you will want to be sure you understand just what to look for when viewing a property, to ensure you get what it is your family needs, and that you are not walking into any troubles you were not bargaining for. However, if you’ve already found a home you are ready to commit to, then your next step is taking the final walkthrough, to determine if this is really the one for you and your family. Today, Colorado Professional Title would like to assist you with five easy steps to complete your final walkthrough with ease and assurance.

Open Up

Especially if there are still people living in the home, this suggestion may come at the cost of a bit of awkwardness, but we suggest with the permission from the seller that you take the time to look in the areas that can’t be seen at first glance. This would include, under the rugs, in the closets, cabinets, behind the refrigerator, or anywhere that seems it may be suspiciously ‘hidden’ from view. The reason for this is simple, you’ll be committing to the purchase of the entire home, and you should be able to see as much of it as possible.


Take the time to really envision your family living in this space. Consider how your family lives, what holidays will look like. How about that favorite piece of furniture you have. Does the credenza you got as a wedding present fit in the dining room? Is the Master bedroom fit for a king sized bed? These are important details you may have yet to consider.


After you’ve committed to envisioning your family inside of the home, you’ll want to do the same outside. Come back to the neighborhood in the evening, on a rainy day, or during rush hour. Check out the street then. Is it still the same safe, comfortable place you have seen on the weekend? Or does it still have the same hustle and bustle that you love? Your preferences are certainly your own, just make sure that you observe the home and area at different times of day.

So, you’ve completed your final walkthrough, and you’re still convinced this is the place for you. All you’ve got left to do before signing the dotted line is make sure that the home has had a proper title search and that you can get title insurance on the property. For title insurance in Highlands Ranch, remember Colorado Professionals, (303) 268-4278.