Closing Terms Glossary

Real Estate Terms It Helps to Know

These are a few real estate terms that you may want to understand when it comes time for closing.

Adverse Possession
The technical term for squatting, or occupying a property without the owner’s consent. Title of the land could vest in the squatter after a certain number of years of peaceful occupancy have passed.
Annual Percentage Rate- The yearly rate of interest paid on a loan.
An educated property value estimation based on facts about the property.
Someone acting as agent for another to negotiate sale or purchase of a property.
Closing Disclosure
A document disclosing any issues with the property that the seller should know. See our previous post on disclosure laws here in Colorado.
Closing Statement
A balance sheet showing the assets and debts accrued by each party to a real estate transaction.
Contingencies in deeds or other real estate instruments required to allow a deal to occur. See our earlier post on how kick-out clauses in contingencies work.
Promises and assurances made as part of a transaction.
Failure to live up to an agreement by either not paying or not performing by the covenants.
Defective Title
An irregular or faulty title due to a lien, judgment, mortgage or other obstacle to the property’s transfer.
Loss of property value over time from normal wear and tear, natural disaster, or neglect.
The right to a path of exit from a property.
Eminent Domain
The government’s right to take private property for public use in exchange for reasonable market value.

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