Avoid the Most Common Home Buying Mistakes

Make Smart Decisions When Buying Your Home

With all the excitement and emotion of buying your first home, it can be easy to forget the important, yet often overlooked points of the home buying process. In this post, Colorado Professionals Title is here to help you out with some of the most common buying mistakes, and how to avoid them.

The Power of a Future-Budget

Sit down and consider all of your outgoing expenses over the course of six months. Once you have this, adjust each line item to accommodate for your new home. If your potential new area requires higher rate payments, the utility costs will be higher, or you require more fuel to commute to and from work, now is the time to factor these in. Creating a future-budget gives you a better understanding of not only what you can afford to pay for your home, but what level of ongoing costs you are able to afford long term.

Expect Additional Costs and Plan for Them

When budgeting to buy your home, consider the following additional costs that are often overlooked:

  • Moving costs
  • Estate taxes
  • Home insurance
  • Property appraisal
  • Title insurance

In addition to these items, set aside a small ‘kitty’ to lean on should any further costs or events arise.

Perform a Thorough Home Inspection

Once the keys are in your hand, any damage that you find to the property is now your financial responsibility. Take the time to check your potential new property inside and out. Any damage to the foundation poses a serious risk to the future integrity of your home and can end up costing you a lot more than you would like.

Title Insurance in Highlands Ranch

Mentioned above was title insurance. Title Insurance in Highlands Ranch is an important addition to the list due to its provision of protection should any financial claims or leins against your property be discovered and raised after closure. Speak with a professional at Colorado Professionals Title at (303) 268-4278 about the value of title insurance in Highlands Ranch and the peace of mind it can afford.